Let’s be honest, some things we do in the office seem truly ridiculous. For example, I have to fill in my working hours in three different places. Why? I have to run a script if I want to update my dependencies that are partly on the internal network and partly external because the client I […]

Positive Thinking

Well, let’s just say it up front: I am by nature not a positive thinker. As long as I can remember I’ve had trouble doing that. And as long as I can remember I’ve had people telling me that I should be more positive. Having people saying that to you can be damn annoying and […]

High on Fire zoals het hoort

Dankzij Misha had ik ineens twee kaarten voor High on Fire! Dat was een hele aangename verrassing, ook al moest ik half Nederland door met het OV om bij de 013 te komen. Ik had Christiaan gevraagd me te vergezellen naar dit concert. Toen ik uiteindelijk door alle NS vertragingen heen was stond ik in […]

To which albums do I keep coming back?

While driving I’ve been listening to an MP-CD I burned when I was about 17. It was a full blown trip down memory lane and I still love most of the albums on this MP3-CD! Muse – Origin of Symmetry Heard this album first when I was about 15 and I think it’s the best Muse […]

Will software ever not be crap?

During and after Craft Conference I’ve been thinking a lot about the quality of software. Not weird, since it’s my profession, but I was thinking about it in a more abstract way. During the conference, more than one speaker announced that ‘all software is crap’. And it made me think: is that true? Will it […]

Craft Conference Day 3

Today we arrived a little bit later, because Hungarian breakfast just doesn’t take long. It’s just eating a sweet pastry thing, drink some coffee and you’re good to go. I was really yearning to eat something healthy by now. I walked by the O’Reilly stand and spotted “Explore it!” by Elisabeth Hendrickson. This is one […]

Craft Conference Day 2

For me it’s the first day of the conference, but some people already attended a workshop on wednesday. I was so curious how good the venue could be, because my last conference experience was dreadful. That had to do with the acoustics of the venue, there was echo everywhere and that killed all the pleasure, […]