Let’s be honest, some things we do in the office seem truly ridiculous. For example, I have to fill in my working hours in three different places. Why? I have to run a script if I want to update my dependencies that are partly on the internal network and partly external because the client I […]

Craft Conference Day 2

For me it’s the first day of the conference, but some people already attended a workshop on wednesday. I was so curious how good the venue could be, because my last conference experience was dreadful. That had to do with the acoustics of the venue, there was echo everywhere and that killed all the pleasure, […]

Workin’ it

After yesterday, the contrast with my highly inactive summer couldn’t be bigger. Working two jobs and doing a full-time study is no sinecure. In the fourth week of my new busy life, the ultimate culmination was the 15 hour work day I had yesterday. For my first job, I had to cycle to Nieuwegein, where […]