You are not enough

What capitalist society ingrains in us is highly toxic This question is keeping me up at night: when am I enough? With that, I mean: As a human being, am I good enough as I am right now? Am I doing enough useful things? Am I productive enough? What is the baseline of this concept? […]

Worries from an automation-skeptic

Automation makes sense in a few sub-contexts, but should not be taken to the extreme. I’ve been an automation skeptic as long as I’ve been working in IT, an industry that’s all about automation. That doesn’t make sense on a superficial level, but I feel like I’ve been doing useful work. The fact that you […]

Cars were a mistake

It’s mind-blowing how much space and QoL we have conceded to a metal murder machine that people associate with their free-dumbs Cars, aka big chunks of metal that keep getting bigger and bigger, are sacrosanct in our society. If you try to make a point against cars and how car-centric society sucks, people will argue […]