Shure SE535 in-ears review

Februari 2015: So I had been looking to replace my in-ears with something new because the cable was getting worse and worse. I was getting used to my 50 euro in-ears breaking down at roughly two years of age; I had gone to like three or four pairs in the past six years. But this […]

Mapping Biases to Testing – The Framing Effect

Hello dear reader, welcome back to another blog post in de Mapping Biases to Testing series. Today, I’m going to write about the Framing Effect. This effect can potentially affect your work greatly. What’s even scarier is that you can never be sure, because the real world differs from a controlled scientific experiment. I’ll first […]

Personal Update: The Happy Part

In my last blog post, I mainly talked about serious stuff: the mental consequences of quitting my job, daily struggles, that sort of thing. But, apart from the good old ‘what the hell am I supposed to be doing with my life’ type struggles, I also suddenly had plenty of time for enjoyment as well. […]