TestBash NL 2017 Conference Day Live Blog

A TestBash conference in my own hometown, that is like a dream come true! Going there on my bike, super nice. I’ll try to live blog the whole conference day, hope it’ll be useful to you.

Technically, this is already the second day of TestBash NL 2017. Yesterday we had a day filled with workshops. In the morning, Cirilo and I gave a workshop on Specification by Example. Our group was very involved, so we had a great time.

After lunch, I chose to go to Gitte’s workshop on finding your courage. That was an amazing afternoon! A great serendipity moment as well, because this was just what I needed. I cannot tell you what was discussed in the group, but it was really special to hear what personal stories people had to share. What we did discuss that can be shared publicly is the question: ’what is courage’. We came to the conclusion that it’s a very personal thing. What is a courageous act for someone else, can be a piece of cake for you. And most courageous acts require you to go out of your comfort zone. You have to be motivated to do that! If you do courageous acts only for someone else, you risk going too far of you comfort zone into the ‘danger zone’. So, take baby steps and try to find a safe space to do new things that are (a bit) scary for you. Continue reading