Personal Update

It’s been awhile since I wrote something. Truth be told, I’ve missed the sound of my fingers typing on the keyboard, the smooth movements, the ideas flowing through my head while I’m typing. What has been stopping me then? A lack of motivation for one, but also no ideas for a good blog post. The […]

How to come up with ideas for blogging

It is with great irony that I present you this article on getting more ideas to blog about. It’s not like I’m the most productive person when it comes to writing blog posts, although it’s not the lack of ideas that’s stopping me. It’s more, you know, good old procrastination that is my problem. In […]

First Sketchnote Attempt!

I remember going to the Agile Testing Days last year and seeing several people working on the big sketchnote of the conference. I was really impressed by their drawing skills and thought “wow, I could never do that”. I decided to get into sketchnoting as well. I went to a half-day workshop on Visual Thinking […]

How I ended up in IT

This is a long read, be warned 🙂 Honestly, I never thought I would end up working in IT. Now I’m here and enjoying myself, but it took me years to figure it out. I would like to tell you my story of how I got here. When I was fifteen years old, I thought […]

Be a Zero

I recently read a book called “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” by Chris Hadfield, and man….I can only say: read this book! It’s very inspirational and very educational about how going to space works. The author manages to transform space-related things he learned into practical advice you can apply here on Earth. It […]

West Highland Way Dag 1

Vanmorgen bij de start in Milngavie bleek dat we niet de enigen waren die op het briljante idee waren gekomen de West Highland Way te lopen. Het was heerlijk weer en dat was een goed begin. Deze etappe vergde nog geen gekke inspanningen qua stijgen of dalen en dat was maar goed ook. Zo kunnen […]

Scotland: Walking the West Highland Way

Claire en ik gaan vanaf vrijdag 8 mei naar Schotland om de West Highland Way te lopen, van Glasgow naar Fort William. De totale afstand van de route is 151 kilometer. Het record van deze afstand staat op ongeveer 16 uur rennend, maar wij nemen onze tijd met 8 dagen. Het gaat ten slotte ook […]