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When I’m visiting another country, there is always one thing that surely has my interest: SUPERMARKETS. I love supermarkets in other countries. They have different stuff, all weird kinds of food. You learn about the culture of a country by going to their supermarkets. The French love their poisson, fromage, du vin…The British love their cereals and teas! Seriously, I stared in wonder at the insane amount of cereal products available. A whole aisle filled with cornflakes, muesli, cruesli and my favorite: oatmeal porridge! In Scotland, they sold a very cool oatmeal product, featuring a Scotsman in kilt and naked torso on the front. Just because of that I wanted to buy it. Alas, when we went to a supermarket at the end of our trip to buy all the stuff we wanted to take to the Netherlands, they didn’t have the awesome Scottish oats-hero in stock 🙁

Aside from the cereal products, I was also frantically looking for my favorite snack: Nature Valley granola bars. I had them for the first time when I was in Canada back in 2006 and no other granola bar can compare to them! The Dutch granola bars suck anyway, too much sugarsweetness. I am really sad these aren’t available here; they are really the best after working out. And, even better, they are vegan too!

Then, there is of course, tea. Twinings is my favorite brand. Sure, you can get it in some shops in the Netherlands as well, but it’s expensive! So I just stocked a few packages in Scotland; it’ll last me for a year or so because I don’t drink that much tea at home. While we were in Scotland we consumed it by the litre (I did so, at least). English style too, with milk. At home, I drink my tea with soy milk, but in the UK I didn’t want to fuss about it.

So this afternoon, I sat back and enjoyed some of my UK-products:

making a cup of Darjeeling tea

Nature Valley, portions instant oatmeal, marmite bars!!

I was excited about the marmite bars. Marmite, you hate it or you love it. I love it and I couldn’t wait to try one of these. Let’s test it!

It looks dense, and it smells like….marmite with oats!

Taking a bite….

Trying to make up my mind, the taste was peculiar

The verdict: WIN. It is quite nice, but only IF you like Marmite.

UK Stuff

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