Using DevOps to Grow


A lot of DevOps talks are about automation and tooling, but let’s talk about the people side of DevOps.

When I first learned that my team was going to transition to the DevOps way of working, some interesting things happened. For one, I was scared of this change, fearing it might make my role obsolete. But when the developers assumed that the testers didn’t want to take part in the Ops side of things, something stirred inside me. Was it….responsibility?! I also wanted to be accountable for whatever happened in Production!

This moment set a bunch of things in motion: I had to confront my own fear and use it as motivation to kick ass and learn new skills to be able to contribute useful things to this new context. I had to let go of the old tester inside me and invent a new one. I will share what, in my opinion, a DevOps tester role is, and how it contrasts with older styles of testing. You can use this as fuel for your own journey to grow.