Chain Testing Notes example

I haven’t blogged for ages and my writing feels rusty, but I’m back with a post about testing notes. I posted on Twitter that I shared my testing notes with people at work every day and four colleagues told me that they liked the notes. They liked them because they provided clarity and transparency about […]

Watch my talk “Mapping Biases to Testing” for free

I gave my talk about the role of cognitive biases in testing at TestBash Manchester 2018. It’s available for free on the Dojo. Watch it HERE! The description for the talk is: We used to believe in the statement: “testers should be objective”. This translated to separate test teams because letting testers work together with […]

Mapping Biases to Testing – Hypocognition

“What is hypocognition? If you don’t know, you’ve just experienced it.” In my opinion, there is no better way to introduce the concept of hypocognition than the sentence you just read.  “Hypocognition, a term introduced to modern behavioral science by anthropologist Robert Levy, means the lack of a linguistic or cognitive representation for an object, […]

Selling Quality

After giving a talk about testing to developers, someone in the audience asked: how do you sell testing and quality to the business? How do you get them to realise those are important? Those questions stopped me right in my tracks. In a sense, you never have to sell the concept of quality to anyone. […]