General remarks about ATD

It is still the craziest conference of all conferences I’ve been to. It seems like the bar was set even higher this year, with the carnaval night as pinnacle of craziness. When the conference organiser has the best costume of all you know people will be accepting of whatever you do. I’ve seen a Cynefin costume, a fine number of zombies, the phantom of the opera, and many more. The Brazilian dancers were also a nice distraction for many in the audience. I also love the fact that you could hang out with people in the bar afterwards. Had great fun and great company overall.

The people. This conference is wholly made the way it is because of the attendees. It really feels like joining a big family for a few days. Met some new awesome people too. I felt accepted, liked and very happy overall. Thanks to everyone for that!

New ideas. I’ve got some new ideas to try out in the office! Those ideas mainly involve test automation and how to set it up in the right way with my team. I also heard some not so new information, but that’s okay too. We need repetition before something sticks. Furthermore, we can’t remember everything, so it’s good to be reminded sometimes. Best keynote for me was ‘Don’t put me in a Box’. Really got me thinking about what I value in my work and in my company.

Building a car, really? Who can say that they helped built a car!? I can’t because I didn’t do it, but it was certainly fun to look at. The smell from the people building it was a little less pleasant though, but it was good to see so much passion.

Got my copy of More Agile Testing signed, wee 🙂

Feedback on my own consensus talk. Really enjoyed the feedback I got on my own consensus talk, much appreciated!

Next year I’ve got to attend again!

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